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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


There have been new reports of different photos that can be viewed via the Internet of  "The Beaver" now. Summit Entertainment has provided them with this new photo of Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson in the Beaver.

The release date for this film has been set yet, although they are shooting for July of 2011. It is being released by Summit Entertainment of course and Starring Mel Gibson and an outstanding cast of members. This is a comedy and drama type film and one that will keep you on the edge of your seat in suspense wondering what is going to happen next. The rating for this film is not available yet.

If you love a good comedy combined with a drama then this is a must see for those interested. There are already people anticipating it coming out because they have seen previews of the film. It will probably be a movie for the entire family, however only time will tell for the rating to be announced.

The Beaver, directed by Jodie Foster, stars Gibson as a man who suffers a midlife crisis so extreme and bizarre that he starts communicating exclusively via a beaver puppet on his hand. The movie seemed to have been made as a kind of comeback vehicle for Gibson, who hasn’t starred in a hit in the last decade and was just starting to move beyond, uh, that other awkward moment when he harassed someone and revealed himself as a racist. The Beaver is very likely to be a good movie– Jodie Foster is certainly a talented director.

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