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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


"SHAITAN" is becoming the talk of the town for its unusual promos but no one is more excited about its release than the 25-year-old model-turned-actor Kirti Kulhari, who is playing the role of a lower middle-class girl. She is the one who brings sense and sensibility to the frivolous group of youngsters and is the turning phase of the film.

Kirti Kulhari who has been the face of many a brands in the past stepped into cinema just a while back and made her debut in the film KHICHDI as Parminder. Kirti has also been a national badminton player in her school days in Mumbai. With no family connections in bollywood she maintains that, 'I'm finding my own way into meaningful films as I don't have a godfather'.

But meaningful cinema turned quite the opposite for her when she was shooting for one of the toughest scenes in the film, which was being shot in Navrang cinema. The scene required her to be really edgy, nervous, screaming a lot but she was feeling from that. What really got her into it was when shooting the scene, the slap that Gulshan was to give her, respectively, turned out to be a little realistic. The scene involved Kalki slapping her & while they were screaming at each other, Gulshan comes and slaps her & bangs her head on the wall.

The rehearsals of the same went fine, but during take the scene went slightly out of hand, where by mistake Gulshan really slapped her hard, which took her by surprise and before she could react, he banged her head to the wall hurting her head as well as she was not prepared. She broke down crying and all these reactions which came so naturally during that time were canned by the director and he mentioned that he would never get another take which was so real without realising that Kirti was actually hurt.

Though they took another take of the scene but this one has been retained in the film & one scene that Kirti will never forget in her life. 'I have scenes which were very tough. For me, it was a very disturbing experience. Because even though you are an actor, you don't always act, there are moments when you actually feel what is happening in a scene. Many a times during the shoot I cried to vent my emotions; it was very tough,' she said.

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