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Sunday, July 17, 2011


The National Commission for Schedule Castes has asked for a screening of the film AARAKSHAN, to judge whether the film is suitable for release. However, filmmaker Prakash Jha has refused to have any special screening for the National Commission.

PrakashJha, "The laws of the country do not require me to show my film to any board or body, apart from the Censor Board.

"The Censor Board has been constituted to review films - rate them according to viewing suitability, and address any other concerns related to the release of the film. The Censor Board is the only body that needs to see the film. Once the film is submitted for censorship, it's up to the Censor Board, who they want to incorporate into the preview committee. It is the prerogative of the Censor Board, if it wants to involve any other body of people for advice.

"I am not required to respond to any board of people, who want to sit in judgment over my film. As a filmmaker, who has been making films for about 30 years, I am well aware of the procedure I have to follow to get the clearances for the release of the film. I will be following the due procedure.

"AARAKSHAN is a film about the ramifications of the reservation policy and the commercialization of education as seen through the experiences of a particular group of people. It explores various sides of the issue, through various characters. My intention has been to provide a fair and balanced comment on the issue.

"The film is releasing on the independence day weekend, so we have enough time to go to the Censor Board for the censor certificate."

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