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Monday, August 8, 2011


PHHIR, a dramatic thriller, is up for release and one can pretty much sense that despite a delay in arrival of his second film (after a successful 1920), leading hero Rajneesh Duggal is sounding very cool instead of being hassled. That's because he has always been of a strong belief that there is time for good things and whatever good or bad that he may have done in life, it would eventually come back to him.

"I have grown up on this belief and at our home we used to have 'Gita Saar' every morning where we were taught this virtue," Rajneesh says, "This is what impressed me about PHHIR as a subject as well since it tells the same tale. The story is based on karma and talks about the same virtues."

So while the film has karma playing a major role in the film, there are also two women-Adah Sharma and Roshni Sharma-who don't just spice the drama but also add on to the intrigue.

"Yes, they surely do," Rajneesh brings on a smile here, "I have two separate romantic tracks with both these women. Since Roshni is playing my wife in the film, there is obviously more romance with her when compared to Adah. On the other hand there is much more drama with Adah around. And then with me having three different looks in the film, it only adds up to it all. In fact one of the characters played by me is so grey that it used to take me 30-60 minutes to come out of it. As an actor it was an amazing experience for me."

PHHIR releases all over on 12th August.

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