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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


She may have done dhinka chika with Salman Khan and is now ensuring a 'house full' with Akshay Kumar. But Asin's current isn't any of them; it is Subhaan, 9 year old son of Sajid Nadiadwala, who is currently besotted with the actress.

"During the London schedule of the film, Subhaan just didn't leave Asin's side. He was giving her all the attention that she needed and was making sure that she was well taken care of. In fact many in the unit even joked that Subhaan was perhaps making a future investment and already preparing himself as being ultra chivalrous,' informs a unit member from London.

No wonder, Asin was heard joking with her friends that while she was used to such pampering from Salman Khan during LONDON DREAMS and READY while Akshay Kumar too was a thorough gentleman during the shoot of HOUSEFULL 2, she felt happiest in Subhaan's company.

"Subhaan is a film buff himself and likes to accompany his dad, especially during the outdoor shoots," says a close family friend, 'In fact as a child artist, he has featured in his dad's films like MUJHSE SHAADI KAROGI, HEYY BABYY and HOUSEFULL. Who knows, with the kind of closeness he has developed with Asin, he may land a part in HOUSEFULL 2 as well."

In the meantime Subhaan is busy 'pataofying' Asin by gifting her teddy bears, key chains, etc. He has an amusing story to tell her every day, something which the actress is happy to lend an ear to.

"I am very fond of kids and Subhaan is no different. I guess he has taken a liking for me, 'smiles Asin, "He is so polite and doesn't throw any tantrums despite coming from such a lineage. I adore him. He is a sweetheart and is very intelligent. He was the one who took special care of me more than anyone else. No wonder, he is the favorite guy in my life today."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Going by the craze that item numbers are generating in Bollywood, the latest victim of this popular Bollywood format is actress Asin.

A close hand reveals, "Asin, who was so far trapped in the girl-next-door image, is trying hard to come out of it. Now, she is thinking of taking the item-number route to shed the image. We hear the actress is sending feelers across to filmmakers about her openness to shed her past image and some clothes too."

READY, which is Asin's latest film opposite Salman is generating euphoria for its item song "character dheela", which sadly for Asin does not feature her. Now, looking at the popularity items songs are generating, Asin is dying to sign one at the earliest.

With Asin already considering a two piece act in HOUSEFULL 2 and now a new found love for item songs, let's hope the actress is able to pull off this image makeover act convincingly.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


The success rate during the first half of 2011 has been rather low. Yes, there was the World Cup Cricket and there is the ongoing IPL, but still that is no excuse for just four clean successes- YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA, NO ONE KILLED JESSICA, TANU WEDS MANU and the recent HAUNTED.

Interestingly, the first three above mentioned movies came at the beginning of the year itself and the last, that is HAUNTED (still running), in the fifth month. Agreed that there have been a few small budgeted ventures like CHALO DILLI and RAGINI MMS too and a couple of big ones like THANK YOU and DUM MAARO DUM getting limited success but the year is yet to see a real blockbuster.

However, all that is about to change, and if trade and distribution buzz is anything to go by the first half of the year is going to conclude with a double bonanza.

Obviously we are referring to Anees Bazmee's Salman Khan starrer, READY, and Indra Kumar's multistarrer, DOUBLE DHAMAAL. Both the films are tipped to be hot and likely to embark on a huge initial. Even the feedback of the audience to the teasers of the two films has been quite positive and both are awaited with a high degree of expectation.

Here's hoping for a blockbuster conclusion to the first half of the year as we are 'ready' for a 'double dhamaal' in the vacation month of June!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Good times times for actress Asin has started. After a lull in her career, her calendar suddenly looks overactive. Now, with READY opposite Salman all set to roll, the actress is also getting set to shoot for Sajid Khan's HOUSEFULL 2 soon.

But, amidst all this frenzy, Asin is harbouring a few dilemmas too. According to our sources, one of the biggest confusions Asin has for the moment is about her bikini act in HOUSEFULL 2 and the poor actress can't seem to decide.

Our sources further add, "Asin's dilemma is rooted in her earlier stand when she had not done any bollywood films. Over the years, Asin has cultivated an image of being true to her traditions, but it seems her brush with bollywood has shaken her fundamentals. Now, Asin knows that to survive in bollywood she has to have some hot-quotient too and donning a bikini might be the introductory step in that direction."

The issue now for Asin is how to take that plunge. Though, all reports and predictions seem to hint that Asin would have to strip-down in HOUSEFULL 2, but the actress seems to be undecided still. The confusion seems to be only getting complex by the day. Well, let's hope this two piece act is only one step away for Asin.