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Sunday, October 9, 2011


'My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist' - so said Shahrukh Khan in the Karan Johar drama that released last year. Seems Shahrukh's statement influenced his friend and entrepreneur turned producer/actor Joshi so much that he went ahead and made an entire film around the same statement - Sachin AAZAAN

Says a source, "Obvious reference point for AAZAAN is Shahrukh's MY NAME IS KHAN which again made its statement against terrorism and the plight of Muslims across the world. However it managed to do that successfully without beating the jihad drum and hence conveyed the message in its own powerful way. AAZAAN has taken a similar route as well by not hoisting the jihad flag."

With the kind of approach AAZAAN has taking, it is only apparent that the film, which is said to be the biggest ever espionage thriller made in Bollywood, isn't being one of those regular lavishly mounted action affairs but digs its roots deeper down.

"See, I loved MY NAME IS KHAN and Shahrukh showed his unique way of fighting the system. I salute that," acknowledged Sachiin, "However there are different ways of fighting it out and in AAZAAN I have done just that by also bringing the espionage element. The film shows that how an Indian Muslim can go against all odds and emerge a winner if he has the willpower. Unlike many out there who just touch the sensitive issues, we have also taken a step forward to answer them."

Well, we would know if this is indeed true once AAZAAN hits the screens coming Friday.