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Friday, July 29, 2011


There are rigid social systems that still dominate our modern society. The patriarchal Indian society has many unruly and unaddressed issues that lead to many crimes being committed.

The Khap panchayat in Indian villages follows one such custom, which has been killing young couples in the name of honour for years now.

Actor Om Puri and producer-director Ajai Sinha who feel strongly towards honour killing in our modern society have addressed this issue and voiced their opinion through their upcoming film ‘Khap’.

"Someone has to take the first step to end this. I am not waiting for somebody to wake up one day and that is why I have stood up against it," said Om to a daily.

Ajai, who`s the director of the film, said to a daily the primary motivation behind making this movie was not just success or monetary gain. "It`s for awareness among the youth. I have made this movie to make our country wake up and notice that while we might just fuss over everyday life, there are still customs like Khap in villages that don`t let people live their lives their way."

The film has got no political support because the topic is sensitive and no politician wants to be associated with it.

"It doesn`t matter if anyone supports us or not," said Om.

"We know that we have made the right movie. If Anna Hazare can stand alone, fight against corruption and make the nation realise the importance of it, I am sure we can do the same here. Even if we get support or not, the fight against the Khap panchayats from our side is on!" expressed Om to a tabloid.

The movie hits the film theatres this Friday with a hope that it`s the first step towards enlightening people towards this unaddressed issue of modern India.

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