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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Well-known action director Allan Amin was the one to introduce Bollywood with the concept of stylized action and special effects. He all started with MISSION KASHMIR followed with QAYAMAT: CITY UNDER THREAT, DHOOM series, DUS, CHOCOLATE: DEEP DARK SECRETS and many more. However his upcoming action film "FORCE" starring John Abraham doesn't consist of the stylized action, which is in vogue.

Allan says FORCE is much different from his other films as the action here is much real, 'The action in FORCE is all real. We haven't made use of cables or any equipment or special effects for that matter. Moreover John has good caliber who did all the stunts by himself. What with lifting a bike or jumping off from a great height he did it all without the help of cables or airbags. And must say he performed it quite naturally.'

Certainly whatever Allan does he does it with much elan and elegance but what about the audiences who are used to watching stylized action these days and under such circumstances how FORCE action will appeal to the masses? To which he answers, "No it's completely stylized in its own way but without losing its originality. When you'll watch the film you'll come to know."

Ask him if it became a time consuming process to have real action and he says, "Though time consuming but it was fun shooting it naturally."

He may have designed best of the action sequences for the various films he did in his career but finds FORCE as his most challenging action film till date. "Yes FORCE has been the most challenging film in my career as it was all done without using any cables or any other aid," says Allan.

Allan further talks about the most difficult and the best action sequence in FORCE. "The most difficult was the one where John goes running behind several buses lined up and jumps from one bus to another as it was to be shot without the use of cables. While the best one was the bike sequence where John lifts the heavy bike and throws it. Actually I just asked John to lift it halfway but he decisively lifted the whole bike. Even the introduction scene of FORCE is one to watch out for."

Allan and John's bonding dates back to the time when John was about to make his mark in the industry. Says Allan, "I know John from long time. We have worked together for the films like KAAL, DHOOM, etc. We share a good rapport. There is a sort of good understanding and comfort level between us."

Ask him about the return of action genre or the genre gaining its lost glory and the prudent action master says, "It's just a phase of life where everything comes and goes back."

Allan becomes diplomatic when it comes to selecting his favourite action hero in Bollywood. "Everybody is good. I enjoy working with all of them," says Allan on a parting note.

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