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Showing posts with label cheryl cole. Show all posts

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Taking a break from her clean-cut image, Cheryl Cole masters the messy-sexy look in the premiere issue of Hunger magazine.

The former “X Factor” babe lets her hair down and turns on the charm in the photo spread, shot by famed photographer Rankin.

And her coif is just the beginning- Cheryl also dons a variety of tousled getups, most of which look like she’s just gone for a roll in the hay.

Titled “Tear it Up,” Cheryl’s photoshoot is just the saucy start Hunger magazine needs to make its mark on the magazine landscape.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hollywood hottest and sexiest celebrity, Cheryl Cole was seen catching an outbound flight at LAX Airport in Los Angeles.

Fresh off of her debut appearance on the U.S. "X Factor," the brunette beauty was sporting comfy attire as she was ushered into the metro terminal ahead of the long flight back home to London.

Prior to the trip to the States, Miss Cole chatted with Grazia magazine about being excited for her new job - although admitting that she'll miss her homeland.

She said, "I am such a homebody and just the small comforts make a big difference. I'm going to get my TV wired so I can record Coronation Street and EastEnders and I have sooooo many teabags, chocolate and chocolate Hobnobs to take with me that I will be set for months."

As for her wardrobe adaptation once situated in the States, Cheryl dished, "My style and image is going to be different as I am British and we have different taste anyway. But I absolutely love colours at the minute. It makes everything feel bright and alive so I am going to go colour crazy while I can. I love loads of designers like Diane Von Furstenberg, Phillip Lim, Miu Miu and Stella McCartney, but the list goes on and on to be honest. There are some lovely clothes out there."

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Having recently finished up judging duties on "The X Factor," Cheryl Cole went out for a relaxing dinner at Nobu restaurant on Park Lane in Mayfair, London.

Looking stunning in a light blue silk playsuit with some sparkly silver high heels, the 27-year-old was joined for the tasty meal by her mom, as well as her Girls Aloud bandmates Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh.

The Nobu outing followed press duties earlier in the day, as Cheryl cranked out a pre-recorded interview and performance for The Alan Carr Chatty Man TV show at The London Studios.

Meanwhile, it's still expected that Miss Cole will soon be making her move to the States to help Simon Cowell launch "The X Factor" in the US.

Of the planned change of locale, tabloid reports claim the Cheryl is a bit worried about how she'll be perceived - with sources claiming she wants to drop a few pounds before the transition.

A pal is said to have told UK's Now magazine, "Making it in the US will be stressful and she's overwrought. She knows how harsh US audiences and tabloids can be, so she wants to get it right. She's seen what happened to Britney Spears with all the scrutiny over her weight and personal life and Cheryl's determined to keep her private life private and focus on work."