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Showing posts with label jacqueline fernandez. Show all posts

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


However hard Sajid Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez may try to deny the rumors of their romantic linkup, but their chemistry and bonding is more than obvious. The two have been seen enjoying each other’s company and proximity several times, on the sets of the movie in London, multiplexes and restaurants in Mumbai, quite often. Sajid Khan has become very protective about this Sri Lankan beauty these days. Gossip columns are abuzz these days with the prediction that the two are set to tie the knot in 2012 and that Sajid’s parents have also given their approval to this decision. By that time Jacqueline should be free from Krrish 2.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


The promos of MURDER 2 have hit high octane and it is being projected as another super hit film from the house of Bhatts and also another solo hit for Emraan Hashmi after a long-long time. Incidentally, the leading lady of the film Jacqueline Fernandez is also being touted as another Mallika Sherawat in the making. But what is being closed a trade secret to be unleashed to the audience along with the film is another lady Sulagna Panigrahi. She is another girl from the army background who is going to make her debut in the world of Hindi cinema.

Her name is not to be found anywhere in the publicity of MURDER-2, but she is being touted as a surprise package. Indeed, Hindi cinema has been fortunate enough to have leading ladies from the army background who have made their mark in their manner, and have been a trail blazer. Sulagna could also follow in the same league.

One of the most successful female leading ladies so far in the Hindi film industry is Preity Zinta who had an element of chutzpah in her performance and it is owing to this chutzpah that she could carve a niche for herself. Sulagna has the same potential as she has done some daring stunts in MURDER-2, which is a surprise package, and she could do it with consummate ease on account of the army background where being accustomed to such stunts is a part of the process of growing up.

When one is talking about ladies with army background how can one forget Priyanka Chopra or for that matter Gul Panag, who has become the icon of bullet safari in India. Sonu Walia was among the first actresses who descended on Hindi films terra firma belonging to army background.

One of the most successful film stars of the present times, and latest muse of M F Hussain, is Anushka Sharma who comes from an army background, and Celina Jaitley is another actress who traces her origin from the same background. Among other noted ladies having army background can be included Bhumika Chawla, Pooja Batra, Sushmita Sen and Poonam Dhillon.

Such being the illustrious list one only hopes that Sulagna would carry the tradition forward and would be able to make a mark for herself in an impacted manner.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Let the truth be told. The 'Barbie doll look' that Jacqueline Fernandez had carried in her early outings wasn't due to any inhibitions that she herself carried. It was mainly due to her select friends and advisors who felt that she shouldn't be revealing beyond a certain limit.

Though the beauty queen was game for skin show due to her ramp and modeling experience, she was dissuaded from going the whole hog.

Says a close friend of Jacqueline, "Since she is an outsider, a lot of people were trying to teach her Bollywood. She would constantly hear 'don't do this', 'don't do that'. Some such guidelines included 'no bikini', 'no kissing' and 'no love making' on screen. Jackie listened to all of this but decided to follow her heart subsequently."

It made sense though. After all she pretty much risked gaining the tag of being an ice maiden after her rather cute-n-lovely show in ALADIN as well as JAANE KAHAN SE AAYI HAI. Resultantly, Jackie did some soul searching, laid low for a while before making an all important decision of following the Bollywood diktats. While one wonders who were these 'special friends' who tried to force their opinion over Jackie, the pretty woman says that she couldn't have been happier, now that she is making her own choices.

She says, "I was told not to be too bold or too sexy. Bikinis and kissing were a big no-no. At that time I too wanted to steer clear from any controversies so stayed away from it all. After all I had just started off my career in Bollywood and skin show isn't what I wanted to be known for. However when MURDER 2 came calling, I knew I had to go by my instincts. Of course even for this I was asked whether I was revealing a lot. I didn't worry much though as I knew what and why I was doing something. Yes, it's a risk but is worth taking."

Hope her 'friends' are fine with that as well.