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Showing posts with label mahesh bhatt. Show all posts

Friday, August 19, 2011


The Pakistani actress, Meera who is less known for her no-so-great performances in forgettable ‘Nazar’ and ‘Kasak’ and known more for her public tantrums. The actress is best known for her claim a few months ago that Mahesh Bhatt had physically abused her and was even possessive about her.

She went further to hold Bhatt responsible for driving her away from Bollywood. However, it seems that our tinsel town failed to tap her talents well and her performances are earning high appreciation in our neighbour Pakistan.

The actress has been conferred the ‘Sitara-i-Imitaz’, the third highest civilian honor in Pakistan. We wonder what Mahesh Bhatt has to say on this!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


MURDER 2 is a huge hit and Emraan Hashmi hasn't forgotten the promise that he made to Mahesh Bhatt years ago when he had just started in Bollywood. As per the pact between the two, Emraan is required to gift his mentor whatever he wants once his films turns out to be a success. The trend is following with Mahesh Bhatt ready to catch hold of Emraan and list down his demands.

"Yes, it is like a gurudakshina," Emraan breaks into a laugh here, "Mahesh saab has become really techno savvy of late and has been demanding all these cool cell phones and other gadgets whenever a film of mine becomes a hit. I have already gifted him some really cool exclusive cell phones. Then recently I gave him an I Pad. I am waiting for him to tell me what he wants now that MURDER 2 has become a big hit. I dread to think though that what he would demand eventually."

Meanwhile there would be lot more gifts that seem to be in the pipeline for Mahesh Bhatt. After all Emraan is coming back with another Bhatt- Vikram for RAAZ 3 who had launched him with FOOTPATH eight years ago. Also there is another film with Kunal Deshmukh who is responsible for giving him his first big hit in the form of JANNAT and with INFORMER they would certainly be looking forward to washing away the debacle of flood drama TUM MILE.

"Certainly, the intent is to better the work from the past," Emraan nods in agreement, "These are the kind of films that are cutting across genres and would speak for themselves. And then there are a couple of more films from outside banners that I am considering. You will hear a lot more in coming days."

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Bollywood most popular filmmaker, Mahesh Bhatt is currently making news for his first play as a producer that highlights the plight of the Iraqi people. The play titled: THE LAST SALUTE, is based on a book written by the Iraqi journalist Muntazer-al-Zaidi, who became world famous after hurling shoes on American president George Bush in 2008.

The play is getting rave reviews in India. Mahesh Bhatt had invited the Iraqi Journalist to watch the play in Delhi recently.

Speaking to us about his play, Mahesh Bhatt says, "It was heartening to see the response to this play. It is for the time that we are looking beyond the biased media reporting and touching the real issues that the people of Iraq are beset with. Sometimes I feel if I as a filmmaker can see what is happening in Iraq, I wonder why the media can't fathom the real issue."

So, would we see him making a film on this play that depicts the angst of the Iraqi people, the filmmaker adds, "It would really need courage to make a film on this subject. At the moment I am trying to showcase my play to more people and we are planning to take it to Dubai soon."

Mahesh Bhatt, who has always been vocal about the plight of the Iraqi people, has taken the lead to bring the suffering of the Iraqi's on a public platform.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The fact that the Bhatt camp has always given bollywood its most memorable talent is something no one can deny. Keeping this trend in mind, the Bhatt camp is all set to unveil their fresh discovery in the soon to be released film "MURDER 2".

Mohit Suri's sequel to MURDER will introduce Sulagna Panigrihi as one of the central characters. Sulagna, who has earlier worked extensively in various popular television serials is kicked about her debut role.

Talking about her shift from TV to films, Sulagna seems to be quite clear in her choice. Says she, 'I won't deny that television has given me a popular identity. But having spent four years in this industry, I was looking at a good film break and that was when MURDER 2 came my way. I am extremely fortunate to be part of this film which has shaped up extremely well and I am happy to have bagged one of the central roles in the film.'

Sulagna has earlier been part of popular TV shows like AMBER DHARA, DO SAHELIYAAN and BIDAAI.