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Thursday, October 20, 2011


Looking as if their shopping trip had worn them out, a sour-faced Kate Gosselin and her twin daughters Mady and Cara were seen leaving an Old Navy store in Reading, Pennsylvania on Wednesday afternoon.

Making for a less-than-pleasant departure, the reality mom was overheard yelling at her two eldest kids, resulting in a rather agitated atmosphere as the paparazzi loomed nearby.

As for looking tuckered out, it may very well be due to Kate's regular lack of sleep, as she told of her rest schedule, "I never ever ever get enough sleep! I survive on an average of 5-6.5 hours per night. I typically get up around 5:30 am and go to sleep around 11 ish pm. I would love to be able to say that I sleep 8 hours per night because that is what I need (everyone is different!) and that is healthiest but it just doesn’t happen for me."

Recently asked by a fan if she's a coffee consumer to help get through the day, Miss Gosselin dished, "YES! Coffee flows through my veins, although in reality I drink no more than 3 cups of caffeinated coffee per day! I also drink lots of water and no soda except I’ll have a diet coke once in a blue moon!"

Monday, October 11, 2010


Keeping herself busy over the weekend, Kate Gosselin was seen out running errands in Reading, Pennsylvani.
The 35-year-old lady hit up the local tanning salon before making stops at Starbucks and Fed Ex as she brought an end to her weekend errand needs.

In one of the news, Gosselin finally got back to her blog with a new post on Friday after quite the lengthy hiatus. The TLC reality star mom wrote: Who ever knew this full-time school thing could or would be soo difficult! I am truly exhausted! I have gotten up each and every morning (in the dark!) at 5:20 am to make breakfast (the full deal -- pancakes, oatmeal, French toast, etc) and get eight kids dressed and out the door to the bus stop for over a full month now!

I don't know why -- well, scratch that. I do know why it feels so much different than just getting two kids up full time and six ready part time.. It's because Mady and Cara pack their own lunches, choose their own breakfast (the night before to avoid the morning arguments of what they will and will not eat for breakfast -- it helps!), and get themselves ready.

My six kindergarteners, although they are finally getting into the daily routine (as opposed to part-time routine of last year), want to talk -- about airplanes, butterflies and anything but getting dressed and putting socks and shoes on... At 6:30 am! We are racing that darn clock every morning!

Whew! By the time the kids are settled into bed at 7:30 .. I assure you that nothing else gets done... I am pooped ... And I'm in bed by 7:31pm.

It's been quite a transition here ... And, well, actually, I prefer to call it my first marathon I've ever run ... does that work?? I hope I at least place for determination... Smile!!!