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Monday, October 17, 2011


She’s no stranger to the courtroom, and Lindsay Lohan will attend her next probation hearing coming up on Wednesday.

However, the “Mean Girls” actress may be in a spot of bother given that she was asked to leave the Downtown Women’s Center last week after repeated tardiness and absence.

And since LiLo was supposed to be fulfilling her probation requirements by volunteering at the Center, she’ll have to explain to Judge Stephanie Sautner what went wrong.

Thankfully for Lohan, she was placed at the American Red Cross to continue her volunteer work, and she has also scurried to complete her other requirements as of late.

Her rep told press, "Lindsay performed community service every single day this past week at the Red Cross, and has been spending the bulk of the weekend fulfilling her therapy and shoplifter's course requirements. She is extremely focused on her court-ordered obligations."

Lohan even took care of her therapy requirement by phone when she was recently overseas. "Lindsay was ordered to undergo weekly therapy sessions by Judge Sautner. Technically, Lindsay isn't in violation of that order, because Judge Sautner didn't specify that these appointments be done in person. It's assumed that Lindsay would go see her therapist every week, but there isn't a specific order stating how that session is to be conducted. Lindsay always pushes the envelope, no doubt. Judge Sautner will most certainly modify terms of her probation at her progress report hearing," said an insider.

"Even if Judge Sautner revokes Lindsay's probation on Wednesday, and remands her into custody, she will post bail immediately. Lindsay must be given bail because it's a misdemeanor, and there would be a probation violation hearing, and that is when it would be determined by the judge if she should go to jail. Again, this is only if Sautner determines there appears to be a probation violation.”